Hand picked

Each site in Splut has been reviewed by a member of our team of reviewers. Each member has at least 3 years internet experience, and will ensure each site approved is in accordance with Splut's paradigm.

What are we looking for ?

Splut! is looking for sites that it feels benefits the UK web community as a whole. Ease of use/navigation and download times are a consideration. Whenever we approve a site, it must meet these criteria:

  1. Is the site complete?

    Many times people will submit a website with a big "under construction" logo on it. They don't get it. If you think your site is going to be good enough, spend the time on finishing it before asking for it to be included in Splut! Even if you promise that your site will be completed by a particular date. Not complete ? Not coming in.

  2. Does it work ?

    Some sites are database driven and have errors popping up whenever you try to do anything on them. Some just have bad links, pointing to nowhere. Some have links to images on the authors hard drive (very common). Not working ? Not coming in.

  3. Is the site not too saucy ?

    Splut! is a family site, and we try to make all the content "U" rated. The only exception is the Lifestyle > Interests > Adult category where we tend to have looser restrictions. Yet we will still will not accept sites that contain hard core pornography or other illegal material, or links to such sites. Not decent ? Not coming in.

  4. Is it for a UK audience ?

    Splut! is squarely aimed at the UK web community, and we only accept sites that would be of interest to the majority of UK people. There's no point submitting a shopping site that only ships inside the USA for example. If you ship to the UK, we may allow it. Not for the UK ? Not coming in.

Which Category ?

When suggesting a site, Splut! requires that you choose a category that you think is right for your site. Splut! reserves the right to move your site from the category you suggested it for, to one that Splut! considers more appropriate. As they say, the judges decision is final !

What did you say about my site ?

Splut! hand reviews each site, and in most cases does not take text from your site as the description. If we think your site has promise, but has some poor graphics, we'll say so. Splut! visitors value our candid reviewing of site. If you have a problem with a review, or you've addressed the issues in our review, let us know and we'll take another look.

What/where ?

Splut! gives you the ability to associate a postcode with your site. This is so that we can supply a map to our visitor, showing where you're located. You don't need to fill this in if you do not wish to be located.