How Splut operates..

To understand how you can improve your listing on Splut it helps to understand how we operate.

When viewing a Splut category we list all sites within it's subcategories, and order them as follows:

  1. Sites that pay per click-thru (highest bid first)
  2. Sites that link to us
  3. Date of submission (earliest first)
Pay Per Click

You can pay on a per-click basis to have your site listed above others. This is how Splut is funded.

See our advertising page for more information.

Link to us

Sites that create links to our website are given priority over those that do not.

You can either use a plain text link, or choose from our logos

To link to us, follow these instructions and we will upgrade your entry.

Better still, join the free Splut Partner Program below and earn commission on referrals.

Splut Partner Program

Maximise your traffic and your site revenue.  The Splut Partner Program rewards you as follows:

1. Each visitor you send to Splut increases your ranking in our Recommended Sites page.
2. If you refer an advertiser, you earn commission on their spend.
3. If you add our Search Box or Context Adverts to your website you will earn commission on clickthrus.

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