Getting your site listed

Category / Keyword bidding
  • How do I make keyword / category bids ?

    Login to your Splut advertisers account.  At the top of the account page, you will see two links, entitled "Bid for category placement" and "Bid for search phrase placement".
  • What is the minimum bid amount ?

    You can bid as little as 5p.
  • When will my bids take effect ?

    Category bids take effect overnight when the site is re-indexed.

    Keyword bids take effect immediately.
  • What happens if someone bids the same as me?

    When two or more advertisers bid on the same listing at the same price, Splut will give the first advertiser who bid on that term and price the higher position in the directory.

  • How much can I spend ?

    You need to deposit a minimum of £25. If you are bidding in areas that have a high clickthru value, you may want to deposit larger amounts, or your money may be consumed very quickly.

Money Related Questions
  • Do I have to pre-pay ?

    Yes, we can accept cheques by post, or on-line credit card payments.

    Due to the anonymous nature of the internet, we must receive payment prior to accepting any bids.

  • What happens when my money runs out ?

    When your site is down to the last £5.00, you will receive an E-mail notifying you that your account is nearly empty.

    When your funds reach zero, your bids will be deactivated by the system.