Cost Effective

By default, all sites listed with Splut are free listings.

However most visitors to Splut will click on one of the top 5 sites shown in a search result / directory listing. 

To guarantee placement in this top section you can choose to pay per click which can be as little as 5p.

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With pay per click you can budget how much you want to spend on advertising, and how much each click is worth to you.

UK only traffic

Unlike some other UK directories, Splut only charges for UK clicks.

Any clicks to your site from Splut by a non-UK visitor are not charged. Splut reports clickthru information right down to the IP address of each visitor so you can see where each visitor has come from.

Bid optimiser

Splut has an automatic bid-optimiser facility to save you time and money.

Splut constantly compares your bid amount to others to ensure you  never pay more than 1p per click more than the next lowest bid.  

If you're maximum bid is 20p and the next lowest bid is 10p, your clicks will only be charged at 11p !  If the other advertiser drops out, your click amount will be automatically adjusted down to 10p. 

NOTE: The bid-optimiser will never set your bid amount to more than your maximum bid amount.

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How do I get started ?

First create an advertisers account, then you pre-pay your clickthrus in multiples of £25, and as you receive clickthrus, your account is debited at more than the maximum price-per-click you agreed to.

You can track how much money you have left in your accounts screen, and you can change your bid amounts at any time.

When you have less that 100 clickthrus remaining, you will be E-mailed a reminder, to upgrade.

Bids take 24 hours to take effect.

For more information, read our FAQ.

» Sign up now for a pay-per-click account !

"I have advertised my websites for over a month now and your referrals to my site have now outstripped our referrals from Google . You're providing a great service which we feel is excellent value for money. After trying several other forms of advertising Splut has proved the best at giving us targeted UK traffic."
- Nicolas Marr
"The referals i am getting from Splut outstrips the Google referals, almost every day. The cost per click advertising is the best i have signed up to, and the conversion rate I am getting is good as well. Thankyou"
- Mark Duke