Windmill Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery - Set in 15 acres of surrey countryside, all dogs walked twice daily. Heated indoor and covered outdoor runs. Map

Marie's Bengals - Browse a summary of the history and characteristics of the Bengal Cat and enjoy photos of webmistress Marie's own four Bengal cats. Map

Canouan English Springer Spaniels - Canouan English Springer Spaniels - Meet the dogs, truly dual purpose show dogs that work for a living. Results and winners photos of some major UK shows. Map

Pets 2 Rest - This site sells oak pet memorials and flat-pack pet caskets, both ideal for purchasing over the Net. There is also a free pet obituary service, and advice on grief and euthanasia. Map

Llamas in UK - All about llamas: buying, owning, managing and breeding them for pleasure or profit from pets to farm diversification: fibre, trekking, livestock guardians, field pets, leisure attractions, land use, companions for horses etc.

CatsInfo - A site that covers every aspect of the domestic cat from breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition to bringing your new kitten home. Site also includes highly recommended cat books and advice for showing and breeding cats.

The Labradors of Bainbridge - The Labradors of Bainbridge, offers information regarding breeding, care, puppies, etc Map

Me and my Iguanas - Iguana care info. If you own or are planning to own one of these reptiles then visit this site Map

Discover Dogs - Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.

Crufts Dog Show - Annual dog show, organised by The Kennel Club UK.

The Kennel Club UK - Promoting the general improvement of dogs. Activities include breed classification, show licensing, registration of pedigrees and canine associations, clubs and societies and publication of a Stud Book and Kennel Gazette.

Cats and Diets - Are you concerned that your cat isn't getting the diet they require for proper health? Make sure your feline is eating right. Map

Sulyka Bichon Frise Showdogs - All you need to know about the Bichon frise, buying, showing, grooming, generally looking after. Pictures and lots of infomation about the Bichon, Bicon frise Map

Parrotcare - parrot care for all your parrot food parrot toys parrot cages and parrot books. Parrotcare can offer you advice on hand reared baby parrots and all aspects of parrot breeders and breeding. So for all your parrot needs call parrotcare. Map

Kims Dolls Ragdoll Cats and Kittens - Ragdoll Cats and Kittens Map

Shepherds Von Ajaye - Careful genetic selection of original German Shepherd blood lines insures sound temperaments, dark pigments and correct structure. Map

Discus Central -- The World's Discus Web Site - DiscusCentral.Com (Discus, Discus, and more Discus) All the World's Knowledge of Discus Fish in one place. DiscusCentral.Com Map

CASCO Group, Inc. - Casco Group offers acrylic aquariums and commercial filtration systems, as pre-assembled units ready for installation, or custom solutions designed to suit your needs. Map

Parrot Pleasures - A unique line of "parrot tested" toys for the discriminating parrot, safe, educational and durable. Map

At Home Veterinary Service - A dedicated mobile veterinary service covering Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas. Healthcare for your pets in their own home with hospital support for diagnostic and surgical procedures. Map

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