Absolutely Cats - International, including Great Britian, directory of cat breeders websites, photos, information and more. Excellent resource for all cat lovers.

Catsup - About Spock and Dracs, 2 Siamese cats; their lives and careers as successful authors of a diary. Profits to the PDSA

Marie's Bengals - Browse a summary of the history and characteristics of the Bengal Cat and enjoy photos of webmistress Marie's own four Bengal cats. Map

CatsInfo - A site that covers every aspect of the domestic cat from breed profiles, feline facts, health and nutrition to bringing your new kitten home. Site also includes highly recommended cat books and advice for showing and breeding cats.

Cats and Diets - Are you concerned that your cat isn't getting the diet they require for proper health? Make sure your feline is eating right. Map

Kims Dolls Ragdoll Cats and Kittens - Ragdoll Cats and Kittens Map

My Pets Pages - Allows visitors to build a web site or memorial site for their pet. Contains a message board for general pet discussion and a tribute board to share the loss of a pet. Provides a large amount of pet health information for pet's well-being.

The Cat List - The one-stop resource for information about cats in the UK. The only full database of cat information on the UK web. Map

British Shorthair Cats & Kittens - We are breeders of British Shorthair Cats. Kittens available. Map

A Missing Pet - The quick and easy website to use to see if your missing pet has been found.

Anatoli and Valentina Cat Photography - Two cat photographers present a selection of original cat photographs from their collection.

FarmPharmacy - Specialist supplier of discount veterinary medicines and animal health products Map

PetDrugs Quick - Specialist supplier of veterinary medicines and animal health products for domestic pets and horses Map

The Bengal Cat Forums - The Bengal Cat Forums is dedicated to the bengal cat. It is for bengal lovers alike to share stories, tips and experience.

Pet-Grub.com - Learn the simple secrets to making natural homemade pet food. This online ebook is free to read.

Dalkeith Cats Hotel - Newly furbished ultra modern cattery just 6 miles East of Edinburgh. Long or short term, facilities for cats go out with outside runs and cats that dont with indoor apartments. Viewing welcome. Map

Cattituderagdolls - Ragdoll are stunning semi-longhaired cats with blue eyes. They are famous for their laid-back, friendly and trusting nature which makes them superb family pets. specialise in the traditional Ragdoll colours and patterns of seal and blue colourpoint.. Map

MyMoggy - helping to reunite the Uk's lost cats with their owners Map

Hallmark Bengals - Breeders of quality Bengals from top US bloodlines. Silvers, browns, snows and foundation kittens available. All kittens are raised in the home and are TICA or GCCF registered Map

Garden Cattery - Prestige boarding cattery for South of Norwich and South Norfolk Map

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