Alcoholics Anonymous - A Site maintained by the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain

Cocaine Anonymous - This site aims at helping people with drug problems, it provides people numbers to contact or people to talk to, it offers help and advise, if people are not sure of their problems they are produced with a list of 25 questions, which should help them..

Cannabis Heaven - The site for those interested in the mystery and culture surrounding the drug, cannabis. Map

Drug & Alcohol Testing Systems - Drugs of abuse and alcohol testing kits,accurate results within minutes using Oralscreen, RapidTest, RapidCup or QED

New Choices - Cocaine Addiction. Alternative to rehab. Discreet private treatment. Free online assessment and advise forum for cocaine users and addicts in recovery Map

Easystop Stop Smoking Clinics - EasyStop professional stop smoking clinics. 40 clinics nationwide covering UK. Backup guarantee. Map

Escape Family Support - Escape Family Support offers a confidential service to anyone affected by drugs (including prescription drugs), solvents and alcohol in the Northumberland area. Map

Self Controls - A step-by-step and personalized online addiction control model that is designed to assist an addicted person, and those trying to help them.

AngelScope - AngelScope™,drug testing kits, random drug testing, drug testing in the workplace,drug testing in schools, drug testing facts, drug testing companies, saliva drug testing, home drug testing, drug testing in sports,drug testing products, athlete drug test Map

K9 Detection Services - Drug Search Services for cocaine, amphetamines & heroin by K9 Detection Services of Birmingham

Easy Tests - UK based suppliers of fertility, alcohol, pregnancy and drug testing kits. Also offers diet, blood pressure and sexual health kits for medical diagnosis Map

Can Stop Smoking - Stopping Smoking? Health Scotland provides help in quitting smoking with a national NHS stop smoking campaign. - A resource for information, discussion, news and facts about cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and seed banks.

Trimega Labs - UK Accredited Hair Drug Testing for solicitors, social services and the court. Map

Access Diagnostic - UK supplier of FDA approved CE marked onsite drug testing kits for urine and saliva Map

Perry Clayman Project - PCP is a residential day-care rehabilitation centre offering a genuine future after addiction, and the opportunity to rebuild lives, as well as promoting recovery and sober living.

Bright Eye - A resource of information, advice and online treatment for alcohol problems.

Admit Services - Rehabilitations treatments for alcohol and drug abuse our clinics are based in the UK. Visit our website for further information.

Merlin Addiction Recovery - Exclusive Addiction & Alcoholism Counsellors. Help for people looking for information and treatment for drug addiction, alcohol addiction and Gambling addiction. Our addiction treatment recovery programme offers a powerfull unique Drug addiction tre.. Map

Addictions UK - Home based Addictions Therapy - Affordable Conficential and Effective Map

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