Andover Astrononomical Society - Andover astronimical society that meet on the 3rd thursday every month in hampshire uk

Planetary Ejections and Cratering - The evidence shows that some craters are caused by explosive ejection. Also, unusual meteorites, animal falls and the Tunguska event reveal the same thing. Map

Unity of the Sun, Earth and Moon - Solar and lunar cycles are evident in a myriad of geophysical, biological and socioeconomic cycles, so much so that the Sun, Earth and Moon can be considered a single unit. Map

A Fundamnetally Biological Universe - A myriad of observations reveal the fact that the universe is fundamentally biological, even to the extent that physical laws make the extistence of life inevitable.

My Theory of Creation - My theory of creation. Links the Big bang with the Steady State theory. Propulsion method for future craft or UFO. A scaled down Universe, my shipping idea, and other ideas as I add them.

Newton's Astronomical Society - The home of Newton's Astronomical Society based at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire. Map

Pennineonline - Pennine Photographic and Binocular Centre carry a wide range of Astronomical telescopes from suppliers such as Atlas, Meade, Skywatcher. All scopes are on display in a dedicated first floor show room along with optics from companies such as Opticro.. Map

Wolverhampton Astronomical Society - Web site of Wolverhampton Astronomical Society, an amateur astronomy Society based in Wolverhampton West Midlands. New Members are always welcome. No astronomical experience or knowledge requred.

Free Daily Horoscopes - Free Daily Horoscopes, with astrology profiles and mini zodiac guides.

East Sussex Astronomical Society - East Sussex Astronomical Society has over 70 members of all ages, we meet at St Marys School Wrestwood Road on the first Thursday of each month at 8pm Contact Andy Lawes 01424 819450 Map

Telescope Reviews - Read telescope reviews and tips for Meade, Celestron, Bushnell, and more.

UK Telescopes - Our astronomical telescope and binocular website, we are official suppliers of Celestron, Meade, Konus and Hilkinson. Our aim is to provide you with the right telescope at the right price Map

Ash Observatory - Photo/instruction guide to the building of my roll-off-roof observatory. Also pages on astrophotography,lunar 100, reviews, downloads and equipment used. - Mainly for students of Edexcel's GCSE Astronomy course to support them. Totally non-profit educational site. Map

Harrison Telescopes - we are a UK registered company specialising in astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars and related Accessories. With many years experience in the industry combined with a lifelong interest in Astronomy we are confident that we provide the finest range of.. Map

astronomycentral - Astronomy and the Universe news, articles, and resources, for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in the cosmos updated daily. Written in a style to educate and inspire.