Funny Video Clips - Get your all access pass to the Zoo. Check out crazy videos, funny video clips, hilarious pics, and fun games.

BookScape - BookScape takes a hilarious, irreverent and uncompromising look at the issues of the day. It thumbs its nose at politicians, corporate big-wigs and everybody who looks down at life from a pedestal. In short, it's witty and it's fun.

Weird Websites - Weird Websites is a great collection of humour, jokes and funny pictures. Guaranteed to make you smile. Map

Mr. Rant - Ranting at its best. Browse through our humourous life articles.

Art of Funny Dogs & Cats - Louis Wain 1860-1939 FunnyCats on 75+ Modern Fine Art Fabprints & Sports Playing FunnyDogs on Modern Fine Art Fabprints. All Artprints are 15 1/2" X 11 3/4" in size. Map

Funny Pictures and Avatars - One of the best funny image galleries on the web. Contains hundreds of images updated on a regular basis. Visitors may submit their own pictures and post comments. RSS feed available.

Turbo Island - Free speech political debate, message board politics, general discussion Map

RISKbitz - Riskbitz is a humorous, satirical online news website for the risk and insurance industry. It is a vital source of information for insurers, reinsurers and brokers looking for a good laugh. The site is free and news and features are updated fortnight..

Confess It Please - Confess whatever you want and read amazing confession that written anonymously....

Justin's Cartoons - A website that shows all of the cartoons that Justin Turner has made. These include Baby Rabbits, Farting Phil, Easter Egg Factory, Musical Pencils, Ed, Monster In Town, Car Maniac and White Light. - Free Fun Ecards - A light hearted collection of FREE and fun Ecards you can send to anyone with an email address. Map

Giggles from Beyond - A daily internet comic strip featuring Angel and Devil cartoons by Lew May.

The Humorous Arts Chronicles - A collection of humorous writings and cartoons old and new from Ha! (Humorous Arts) Magazine Map

Goncaricaturas - Caricatures of famous people! Order your online caricature made by caricature artist Gon, ideal for unique wedding invitations, original gifts!..

Popular & Funny Pictures - A huge collection of funny and popular pictures

The World As It Should Be - The news as it happens, before it happens or perhaps as it should have happened.

Dr Sheep and the Aardvark - A fantastic comic strip about a sheep and an aardvark. One's an amnesiac. One's a doctor. Both are flippin' mental.

Demotivate - E-cards to demotivate friends with. Making Fridays feel like Mondays

Online Exorcist - Possessed by Satan? This guy will sort you out.

Joker - In Best Funny Jokes, you get free access to a huge collection of jokes including Blonde, Yo Mama, Baby and Lawyer jokes. Map

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