The Comedy Hypnosis Show - possibly the UK's fastest and funniest comedy stage hypnotist available for bookings throughout the UK and worldwide.

Plague Of The Mullet!! - Exploring the hidden world of the mullet. and the people who have this dumb haircut

Matts Funny Pic of the Week - Every Week a different funny picture, many unique. Submit you own for consideration, also jokes and more!

Dont Make Me Laugh - A collection of humor categorized by subject. Categories include yo mama, blonde and silly jokes. There is also a facility to rate each joke.

Fun With Stupid Stuff - A blog with stupid ideas and wonderfull things. Map

Dee Zaster - One name is worth a thousand words --- and there are 1000 words to describe just how crazy Dee Zaster is!!!

Miss36dd - A new version of the Male concentration test. This one has the other beat all the way. You don't want to win on this one. Check out her other test.

Ferdi's Ginger Cat Diary - Diary of a ginger tom cat, I sit on many fences and have many stories to tell...! Beautifully illustrated. - funny clips Map

Todaypictures - Today funny pictures , Priceless pictures, A blog collection of funny pictures, photos, cartoons, comics, jokes, updated daily!, Very nice pictures, Picture of the Day

Laugh Academy - Loads of funny pics, clips, jokes and flash games.

Funny Cats Pics - Funny Cats Collection of Pictures, funny cat photos, cartoon cats, hilarious, free, all cats and friends, kitty pics for all

Funny Dog Pics - Funny Dogs Collection of Pictures, funny puppy photos, cartoon dog, hilarious, free, all dogs and friends, Mans best friend

Grumble's Internet Guff - Links to things on the internet that amused me. They might amuse you too.

Chris James - Comedy Stage Hypnotists - Chris James is a professional comedy stage hypnotists, mind reader and comedy pickpocket based in the UK. Hire a hypnotist for Christmas, University or College. Map

The Three Nuns - Attention Sinners! It has come to the attention of the Three Nuns that you have strayed from all that is good, proper & wholesome. You have fouled yourself with temptation and indulged in much sticky naughtiness! Time to drag yourself out of th..

Pugorama - Website thats great for spending time playing games, looking at funny clips, pictures and animations. The website is safe for work. Map

Reg & Ron Robot Animated Cartoon Site - Featuring animated Cartoon versions of failed inventions submitted to the UKs BBC2 Cult Dragons Den TV Show. Map

The Rest Of You Are Mad - Some unkind souls call this a humorous column. It does in fact demonstrate that I am the only sane person on earth and everyone else has something seriously wrong with them. I am afraid I cannot reply to comments by letter as we are not allowed.. Map

Lanarkshire Young Team - dedicated to the young people of lanarkshire, scotland Map

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