Bollox - is a collection of funny pictures from around the Web. As well as funny photos, you'll find cartoons, parodies and generally bizarre humor.

Fake Documents - Make a fake document online. Graduate from StarFleet or Hogwarts. Marry Britney or Brad. Have fun with our fake documents. Map - Funny pictures, movie clips and downloads plus a load of free stuff for you and a great music section. Map

The Quipping Queen - "THE QUIPPING QUEEN" is an award-winning barmy blog, (from across the Big Pond you silly sot), designed to tickle timid types and ruffle a few ripsnorting royals.

Planet NoobSquad - Planet NoobSquad, where Noobs meet in full bronze armer to view movies, games, galleries, jokes, and out of this world adventures! - unny Bulldog Pictures of our family pet bulldog Daphne. Daffodil Photos is a for fun website devoted to our Olde English bulldog. Enjoy Bulldog information & Bulldog Pictures.

Pub Toilets Dot Com - Pub Toilets dot com - a guide to UK and Ireland Public House Lavatories!

The University of the Bleeding Obvious - Educational offcuts, strange learnin' and stupid stories told with a straight face.

Omazon - Here you can see all the funny video clips and cach up on chris moyles Map

Serious Kidding - Grant William Brad Gerver writes Shot Off The Press. He specializes in humorous one-liners and all-around terse verse writing. Map

Beyond The Ancients - Recent DNA Evidence shows that before 28,000 B.C. There existed several versions of human. Did this evolutionary Dynamic, force men to genocide? Map

Jelly Mom - Parenting Humor - It's time to duck the flying mashed potatoes and get real about parenting and the modern domestic life with Jelly Mom. Laugh, cry, laugh some more. It's all about preserving sanity. Map

World Pranker - Have a laugh at the World Prankers website! Map

Trick Joke Lottery Scratchcards - we supply a range of joke scratchcards. the ultimate trick! every card guaranteed a winner...NOT! win 20,000-50,000 pounds every time! trick all your friends! the ultimate joke! Map

Smith Life - Smith Life, The Life of Andrew Smith, an insight into the interesting love life of andrew smith. Map

Trick Joke Scratchcards - Every scratchcard a guaranteed winner....NOT! Trick your friends & Family. A Guaranteed 10,000 - 50,000 pounds every time! The Ultimate Trick - Cruel but Great Fun. Map

Trick Joke Scratchcards for the UK! - Joke Trick Lottery Scratchcards for the UK! Every joke prank lottery scratchcard ticket reveals £20,000-50,000 guaranteed! the ultimate trick! trick joke scratchcards! Map

Bonafide Comics and Cartoons - Comic and cartoon strips, cartoon illustration gallery, news, comic and DVD reviews, games and more

Hobo Bonobo - Spoof Write ups, Flash Movies, alternative endings, Ted's Newsdek. Loads of silly stuff to look at and contribute to, lots of user input. Map

New Pit Bull .com - i would like you people t add something like aol before i become a member and this should be like disney channel when you dont have to pay to be a member Map

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