Context based ads..

Splut Ads is a program that delivers context-sensitive adverts to each webpage they're shown on and is the perfect way to maximise the revenue generated by your site with minimal investment in time. 

Easy to setup

Just complete the online application form, copy & paste a single line of HTML into your webpage and Splut ads will start showing immediately.. earning you commission for each click. It's that simple. 

Technical integration information

Customise your site

You can easily customise the appearance of Splut Adverts. You can choose what format they take and what colours are used to integrate with your site.. Either blend them in with your colour scheme, or make them stand out.

Let us choose.. or you choose

You can let Splut automatically analyse the content of each webpage that carries Splut Adverts, or you can supply keywords to override this feature and supply advertising targeted to your preference.