teentoday.co.uk - This UK-based teen site includes a large moderated chat room and community message boards. Enter the competitions, have your say in face-off or view the shop zone for links to loads of online retailers accepting Solo and Splash Plastic.

1st Church Boys' Brigade - Local site for a BB company, based in Lancashire, with information news & lots of interactivity. The site has games & quizes, lots of interesting links and plenty of Christian content. Sign the guestbook. Find out where they are using the map & loca.. Map

BrightonBaby - BrightonBabys new site, pareting freebies, baby food recipes online shopping pages and more Map

Solution Skateboards - The UK's Official Solution Skateboards Team Website. Based In South Shields Map

YouthFax : A Rough Guide for Living - Information and advice for young people in West Yorkshire. Covering employment, education, rights, sport, leisure, travel, health, money issues and more.

Teen Chat - Place for Teens - teen chat internet website - resources include teens chat rooms, free webcam chat, online fun and games, all designed for teenagers Map

HelpingTeens - A Peer-to-peer support network for teens, including Support Groups forums, HelpNet Email Support, Live Chat, and Articles on diverse topics including friendship, school, sexuality, suicide, job-hunting, smoking and much more.

2cool4skool Forum - This forum is for pre-teens and teenagers. This is an online after-school club for kids 10+.

Dee's Teen Talk - A fun place for teens to meet each other and talk about a variety of topics. Play games, enter contests, take quizzes, polls, surveys, lots of fun things to do.

ForumTeens - place to meet up with other teens, get and give advice, share experiences. Make your mark! Map

RateAFace - A photo rating and networking community.

Three Guys And Tanner - Three Guys And Tanner is a site just for teens by teens, mainly aimed at those in college and above it is a way for teens to talk about anything they want in a community type setting where they can make online friends. The admin team is fast and resp..

PMRC Sucks - A site that proudly speaks out against anything bad and is all about freedom of speech sign the guestbook (say anything! it dosnt matter- world issues, who you hate, whats wrong with the world anything at all!

Chat-X-Planet - Large community for teens and preteens to hangout, have fun and chat. Join the message boards, keep a personal diary, create a photo gallery, play games, send email and more!

Piczo - this site is where you can make a free website to be veiwed by others include pictures and anything you want

Peterschat - Find and chat with teens in your area. Meet new friends! Map

The Boredom Killer - A friendly forum to kill some time with games, downloads, celeb goss, game cheats, free wallpapers and more!

Teen Paid Surveys - Free directory of paid surveys specifically for UK teenagers to earn extrea cash online

Beinggirl - Teen Advice for Girls - beinggirl, beinggirl uk, teen advice, PMS, puberty, menstruation, beauty tips, shaving tips, period predictor, bra size, bra guide

Teenager's Survival Guide - Advice for teenagers who need help with school, making decisions, friendships, and more

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