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Planet of the Apes - Online magazine from Hollywood California. Map

British Building - British Building Map

The Sith Order - The online resource for fans of the Star Wars Series, specifically fans of the Sith, Empire and devotees & practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force.

SciFi UK Review - SF reviews and essays across movies, books, authors; from one SF junkie to another.

Adopt A Demon - Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today!

The Sci Fi Freak Site - Reviews of Sci Fi movies and TV Shows along with free e-books and other Sci-fi stuff

The SadGeezers Guide To Cult Sci Fi - is a large sci fi resource for dedicated sci fi fans, with hundreds of reviews of tv shows, films and books. Checkout the sci fi forums! and SadCAST - a weekly Sci Fi Video Podcast. Map

HellHorror - Horror movie, game and book reviews, famous serial killers, unexplained mystery, demons, vampires, werewolfs, banner exchange, forum and more. Map

Officialy Unofficial Cult TV - We are hoping to bring together all us fans of everything Sci-fi , action figure , comic book/cartoon related.

Star Wars V Star Trek - This is a friendly forum for anybody interesed in Start Wats, Star Trek or indeed any other science fiction films and programmes. It also incorperates a horror section for those who prefer the scarier films. From the cult classics to the lesser known..

Sci-Fi News - Sci-fi news, reviews and interviews updated daily from

Heroes and Monsters - Guide to Heroes, Villains, Monsters, Freaks, and Other Memorable Characters from Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Adventure movies, TV Series, and literature - Sci-Fi Cult T.V & Movie online superstore.Choose from a fantastic selection of Action Figures, Models, Busts, Model Kits and other great stuff.

Scifi Watch - SciFi Watch is the updated daily site for everything to do with the science fiction medium and my experiences trying to ‘make it’ as a published full-time science fiction author. Enjoy!