Doggie Solutions - Doggie Solutions Providing safe and painless dog training equipment and supplies including spray training collars great prices and fast delivery - Provides Quality pet products and supplies for all your pet needs. Over 6000 pet products available ranging from hamster cages to parrot cages. A Great selection at great prices. - ONLINEPETSTORE PET SHOP provides a huge variety of bird products for sale. From bird cages to parrot stands,nest boxes and toys and treats. ONLINEPETSTORE also sell many other pet products for all other pets. - Search our site for Pet supplies in alphabetical order,by product listings.Pet supplies from A-Z click to go were you want !We are an easy to look no need to search website !

Lambriarvet Pet and Veterinary Supplies - ships veterinary supplies direct to consumers all over the world. Prices here are wholesale and in most cases, what your veterinarian would pay. Map - features all you need to know about pets with interactive vet advice, local pet services database as well as an on-line shop with over 2000 pet products. Map

Absolutely Cats - International, including Great Britian, directory of cat breeders websites, photos, information and more. Excellent resource for all cat lovers.

UKPets Directory - Find pet services in your area, this site covers the whole of the UK. Includes commercial and non commercial services. This site is free to users.

Catsup - About Spock and Dracs, 2 Siamese cats; their lives and careers as successful authors of a diary. Profits to the PDSA

Champdogs - Quickly and easily find details of UK and European dog breeders, stud dogs, puppies and show results. Breeders add your details completely FREE.

Birdmarket - Birdmarket is a collection of independent suppliers catering to bird enthousiasts. Visit this site for birds, cages, seed, aviary supplies, bird books and anything connected to bird keeping. Map

Equestrian World - Equestrian vortal aimed at UK equestrians and those interested in horses and ponies. Informational pages, products & services, online magazine and more.

Guinea Pig Heaven - Website of a Guinea Pig fanatic, contains lots of history about how those cute furry things with sharp teeth became our pets.

K9netuk - Complete UK Canine Site, with masses of information about the UK Dog Scene and all related issues, Shopping Mall, Breeders, etc. Map - Lots of pets for sale,related products and services,free adverts,family friendly site. Everyone is welcome to visit. also, rescued animals needing new homes. Horses, ponies for loan, and horses and ponies wanted. Map

Cats & Canines - Cat and dog supplies available from secure online shop. Free mail order catalogue available. Map

Provet Pet Healthcare - Pet health care information. Kids section with competitions, questions answered. On-line discount store with over 8000 items Map

Horse - Information on all aspects of horse health and ownership. Free classifieds, message board etc. Map

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