- Conspiracy Theorists, Whistle Blowers and Amateur Researchers are invited to participate in a wide-ranging international TV documentary series. A selection of entrants will be invited to present their theory and research facilities will be provided. Map - Early British history with translations of the anglo saxon chronicles, British chronicles as well as the welsh chronicles. Also extensive articles on Garden trees and their health Map

King Solomon - A conclusion, based on lack of archaeological evidence, that King Solomon and his empire never existed.

Wiltshire White Horses - The white horse hill figures of Wiltshire - their history and locations

Russian History Papers - Russian history - help writing term papers on Russian history and related topics - Russian history issues and topics Map

Remember September '44 - emember September '44: The complete story of the historical airborne operation Market Garden in Holland, 17 September 1944

Egyptian Gods - The number one resource on the Internet for information regarding Ancient Egypt, it's Pharaohs and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, Culture, Literature, Lifestyle, Religion, Temples and Monuments and everything else related to this wonderful time. Map

AWM Webb Military. - watches,Camping,tents,uniforms,military badges,collecting,NATO, Map

The Stonehenge Mystery Revealed - Bruce Bedlam reveals an astounding new theory which explains how and why the stone circle at Stonehenge was created. Map

Welsh Castles - Welsh Castles in Wales. Ancient Welsh Castle sites and antiquities – Cardigan Castle after 900 yrs has come back into public ownership – The castle was recently featured on the BBC Restoration programme

Gefrin - Archaeology and history of Yeavering Bell, Gefrin, the North Cheviot hills,the College and Breamish valleys and Lordenshaws

Rebel Flag - Rebel flag information and the history of the Confederate flags, as well as Rebel flag pictures and wallpaper. Map

Ronald Fry Memorial Web Site - The Ron Fry Memorial Web Site is a photo record of his life including many pictures and images from his time in the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars based at Catterick, Leicester, Tidworth and Tilshead between 1949 and 1952. Map

Birgelen Veterans Association - Website which facilitates contact between all those who served with: 1 Wireless Regiment, Munster, 13th Signal Regiment (Radio) Birgelen and their sub-units.

Outpost Harry Project - In memory of the soldiers of the Greek Expeditionary Force who served in the Korean War. Map

World War Two Letters - Database of old war correspondence letters from the second world war. All free and online. Historical research site.

The Website of King Henry VIII - See this website, it is used all over UK in schools It has over 100 free eKits for children to make 50 free eductaional files And is rivetting for children to use. Thanks Teacher UK Map

Aviation Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia of aviation terms, history, people, companies, and aircraft.

Storm Aviation - Provides aircraft line maintenance, engineer training and manpower. Pilot services include TRTO, line training and contract pilot provision. Map - Aviation Portal - We are an aviation portal covering all aspects of aviation from Simulators to RC, Military to Commercial. Share information, articles, reviews, photos, downloads and interact with other aviation enthusiasts just like yourself!

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