English to Ukrainian Translation - Largest online english to Ukrainian translation dictionary. Find over 63,287 translation of common English to Ukrainian words, terms and their meanings.

Hero Letters - This site has actual letters written during war. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, along with photos and other military items. Army Navy Air Force and Marines.

playbarnfinder.com - A comprehensive guide to soft play areas for children of all ages. The soft play areas are arranged in a simple to use regional map that shows you the play areas close to you.

The Lordship & Barony Of Kilmarnock - This website presents the Lordship & Barony of Kilmarnock, an area of Ayrshire, Scotland, with an incomparable history.

Gigadictionary - Gigadictionary is a multilingual dictionary which anyone can edit and enhance with new information. Its goal is to give people one site with information about all the languages of the World.

Dictionary Farsi - Dictionary Farsi, English, Farsi, Persian, Dictionary, English Dictionary, Farsi English Dictionary, English Farsi Dictionary, Online, Proverb, Proverbs, Idioms, Idiom Map

Bizzba Business Directory - Bizzba business directory is one of the the UKs largest business directories, listing everything from accountant to plumbers.

all dictionaries online - multilingual translation dictionaries online and language resources

Globes - Global Mapping UK, for all your Ordnance Survey requirements, also offers Marketing Maps that work, fabulous aerial view maps, detailed location and Metro maps, GIS and desktop publishing solutions to custom website maps and more. Map

People Trace Online - With 40 million names and addresses available at people trace online, it is quick and simple to find out the information you require! Map

118118 - The web-site of the well-known 118118 brand. Find UK businesses and restaurants. Find people, cinema showings and train-times. Rate and review restaunts and businesses

Miliblog - Whether it be the history, the equipment, the uniforms, but above all my main passion has been military vehicles. Map

History In An Hour - 'History In An Hour' is a series of e-books and iPhone apps to help the reader learn the basic facts of a given subject area with as little effort as possible. Written in a straight easy-to-follow narrative providing a rounded introduction. Map

Free Android Apps - Freeandroidapps is a directory of free applications and games for your android mobile phone. Map

UK Home Improvement - A home improvement and repairs blog that offers hints, tips and advice from DIY enthusiasts; the blog covers a wide range of home improvement and repair subjects from plumbing and electrical repairs to home renovation, conversions and extensions. Map

Classic Warbirds - Profiling aircraft of World War 2 from legendary fighters like the Spitfire and P-51 Mustang to iconic bombers including the Lancaster and B-17 Flying Fortress. Classic Warbirds features details on many aircraft of World War 2.

Pets Directory - UK and International links, pet supplies shops animal breeds listings and Pets Forum. Map

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