What Does It Stand For? - WDISF is an online database of acronyms. You can search for acronyms to find out what they mean or add your own for others to find.

VoteForBest - Ask and Respond to Questions to establish what is the best of absolutely anything!

Anyplace America - Free topographic maps of any place and geological feature in America, including latitude and longitude, nearest city, and elevation.

Driving Distances - Various free online mapping / route planning tools and distance / delivery charge calculators.

Ancient Pakistan - Educational site covering 9000 years of Pakistani history. From the Ancient Indus Valley, to all the major empires that arose in Pakistan; Gandhara, Mughal Empire, Kushun Empire, and the more recent history of the Independence of Pakistan

Whyzz - Parents and caregivers don’t always know the answers to their child’s questions. whyzz supports parents’ interactions with their children as they answer those questions.

the richard montgomery matter - historical information links re world war 2 England and USA Dvd region unlock codes fun files movie clips ringtones

House Name Heritage - House Name Heritage is where you can find out about house names and the meaning and origins of house names. House names can increase house values and house sales. Record and preserve your house name.

247oaks - The online directory for the Sevenoaks area. Listings for council and public services, businesses, community groups, helplines and advice, leisure activities, schools and trades people. Free standard listing. Map

Edinburgh History - The History of Edinburgh,Scotland. Including the famous Castle along with the city, the Festivals and the zoo.

Brighton Biz Directory - Brighton Biz Directory for Brighton, Hove and Sussex Companies. Free listings available. Map

Dream Interpretation & Analysis - MyDreamDictionary.com provides analysis on over 3,000 Dreams.This site helps to find out dream interpretions of exactly what you dreamed about.It provide the Dream Analysis and Interpretation for Free to help you and your friends their Understand Dreams.

1clic1planet - Informations and maps of every country. Booking airline tickets, hotels, holidays, vacation rental and cruise in every country in the world.

English to Japanese Translation - Largest online english to Japanese translation dictionary. Find over 71,533 translation of common English to Japanese words, terms and their meanings.

English to Ukrainian Translation - Largest online english to Ukrainian translation dictionary. Find over 63,287 translation of common English to Ukrainian words, terms and their meanings.

Hero Letters - This site has actual letters written during war. Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, along with photos and other military items. Army Navy Air Force and Marines.

playbarnfinder.com - A comprehensive guide to soft play areas for children of all ages. The soft play areas are arranged in a simple to use regional map that shows you the play areas close to you.

The Lordship & Barony Of Kilmarnock - This website presents the Lordship & Barony of Kilmarnock, an area of Ayrshire, Scotland, with an incomparable history.

Gigadictionary - Gigadictionary is a multilingual dictionary which anyone can edit and enhance with new information. Its goal is to give people one site with information about all the languages of the World.

Dictionary Farsi - Dictionary Farsi, English, Farsi, Persian, Dictionary, English Dictionary, Farsi English Dictionary, English Farsi Dictionary, Online, Proverb, Proverbs, Idioms, Idiom Map

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