Ulltra - ULLTRA is a great site and a good range of products for guys who just want to have a great shave without the nicks, cuts, razor rash etc. Products are used by celebs and music stars. ULLTRA were invited to pamper the celebs backstage at the 2009 BRIT.. Map

disposable linen - disposable, one use, hotel, hotels, beauty, salon, hair, barber, towel, slip, string, strings, slips, men s, string, disposable linen, linens, gowns, clothing, throw away, non woven, non-woven, fitted sheet, mattress protector, pillow, discard, manu..

WheatWarmers - WheatWarmers wheat bags deliver deep penetrating warmth right where you need it. The wheat moulds itself around the contours of your body providing comfort and pain relief. Specifically designed for each part of your body: shoulder and neck, back a.. Map

Creating Comforts - Offer pressure relief & bariatric mattresses / cushions. Full range of supports wedges & pillows.

Intermedical Direct - Intermedical direct is one of the largest independant medical supplies companies in UK. They provide all kinds of medical supplies including nebulisers, Omron and blood pressure monitoring kits. Map

Biotene - Biotene offers a range of clinically proven dry mouth relief products. Designed specifically for mild, moderate and severe dry mouth relief.

Sumo Magnetic - Magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a natural alternative for pain relief for a range of conditions including arthritis, back pain, stiffness in joints, fibromyalgia, etc. Magnet therapy is a recognised form of alternative to pain.. Map

OXYfarm - Internationally Acclaimed SA-13001 Oxygenating Room Air Purifiers and OXYfarm SA-2500 Personal Oxygen Generators. Ideal for oxygen therapy at home, in the office or professional environments. Free UK Mainland delivery. Map

Hospital Innovations - Medical Products and Innovation by Hospital Innovations - We provide innovative medical products to medical institutions and professionals. Map

Dental Gloves - Dental Gloves.co.uk trading as Klenz Ltd where formed in 2000. Based in Knowsley, Merseyside providing high quality disposable gloves, paper products, consumables and much more throughout the UK. Supplying all medical and non medical establishment.. Map

Woolrest BioMag UK - Magnetic therapy products from Woolrest BioMag are of the highest quality with scientifically engineered magnets embedded in luxurious Australian and New Zealand wool for drug free pain relief. Wool mattress products are made from Merino and Downs wool Map

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