Fast-Print Network - Let UK self publishing and book printing company, Fast-Print print your book. Learn how to get your book published using our Step by Step Guide on how to Self Publish your own Book. - offers a range of Sign Language products suitable for babies and children.

Live the Magic - It’s ten years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and things have been quiet since then. Too quiet. When Hogwarts receives a letter, saying that “The secret lies within the castle”, it is first regarded as a joke. Only when rumors of a hidde.. Map

Free Bed Time Kids Stories Online - is your source for free bed time kids stories online. Read your kid a bed time story tonight..

The Bricks in the Cave - An adventure story in daily episodes. Boys between the ages of seven and nine will like it most of all but everyone else will like it too. Set in rural England, by the sea.

"The Knights of Eruin" - An exciting new book for children of all ages from ten to a hundred! Six children battle against the evil dalwights who threaten to destroy their world.

LeMueL Productions - This site offers a peek into the workings and management of a childrens book series. See a preview of the books and characters. Map

The Hamster Book - This hamster book is the ultimate hamster book for all hamster owners since it provides lots of expert hamster advice. This hamster book will help you with most aspects of hamster housing, feeding a hamster, hamster behaviour, hamster reproduction, h.. Map

Narinder Dhami - The official site of childrens writer Narinder Dhami, who has had around 200 books published including the novelisation of Bend it Like Beckham and the Bindi Babes series. Latest books include teen thriller Bang, Bang, You're Dead! and The Beautiful ..

Short Poems - Mostly poetry for kids, with a lot of meaning. Poems of all sorts, like: Short, Scary, Funny,Family,Friendship,Freestyle Poems, Seasons, Animals,Haiku,Cute,Cinquain,Limericks, Mask,Teen,Love,Heart Broken, War,Acrostic Poems,Nature Poems,, Pantoum .. Map - Welcome to! The first website where you can customize bedtime stories for your son or daughter. Completely free of charge and so easy, even your own child could do it!

Alien Languages - A range of fun and educational products for young children including bilingual books and multi cultural toys that are supplied to professional organizations as well as the general public.

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