Data Physics - Data Physics UK supplies multi-channel FFT Analysers for noise and vibration measurements, and Vibration Controllers for environmental testing and stress screening applications. Map

Seres UK - Seres, automatic ''on line'' monitoring equipment for, Environment, Water quality, Emission and environment air monitoring,process,water,products. Map

Biohybrids Limited - temperate and tropical agriculture consultants in sustainable crop production, horticulture, perennial & tree crops (cashew, oil palm, coffee, cocoa), annual crops (potatoes, lupins, maize), plant breeding, soil science, and technical translation. Map

Information for Action - This web site is a free, environmental, international, automated service to lobby your leaders

Mayer Environmental - Mayer Environmental Ltd is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy providing expert advice to the private and public sector on a broad range of environmental issues. Their aim is to be the first choice for all businesses, local authorities and.. Map

Water Information - Hard water treatment, effects of magnetic water conditioners on stains, information facts and reviews of reverse osmosis, purification, filtering, limescale deposits and properties comparison.

Oceans-esu - services include contaminated land remediation, environmental survey, water, land and air pollution monitoring, reed bed treatments, constructed wetlands wastewater treatment and waste disposal. Map

Friends of the Earth - Guide to choosing wood timber for your DIY, home improvement, self build or construction project Map

Lenntech - Information on all environmentally friendly water treatment and air purification systems. Solutions for water disinfection, water desalintion, water recycling, water quality issues for drinking water, filtration systems with membrane filters and odor..

Solarsaver - Solar and renewable energy systems,design,advise,project manage on wind turbines,solar heating,non chemical water treatment,natural lighting,heat pumps Map

Strateco - UK environmental consultants working on recycling and waste management regulations. Particularly the EU Packaging Waste Directive and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive. Map

ETS Solutions - ETS Solutions offer reliable and affordable products for vibration test!

Oasis Environmental - Effluent Treatment Specialists. Chemical, Biological and Engineering Solutions Call for Informal Advice Map

ARM Ltd - Reed beds for effluent and sewage treatment. Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS). ARM Ltd, established 1947, provide a full design and construct service for all aspects of constructed wetland treatment systems. Map

LUCT - Lower Ure Conservation Trust's creation of Nosterfield nature reserve, an old quarry, led to the Swale & Ure Washlands Project, developing an area wetlands strategy - Scientific Services Ltd is a consultancy company offering services to the environmental, health and manufacturing sector. We are experts in the validation of alternative technologies for the treatment of clinical waste and aerosol monitoring. We have.. Map

AquaCo - Commercial and Domestic rainwater and Greywater Recycling Systems Map

Hybrid Car Guide - Provides hybrid car information and industry news for the curious or the enthusiast, plus a fuel savings calculator.

Expertise Limited - Waterwater and Water treatment plant design, commissioning and troubleshotting by Chartered Chemical Engineers Map

Stuff in the Air - Weather forecasting principles and techniques, including satellite and radar imagery. Air quality and global warming discussions included. Map

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