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Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory - Advancing the frontiers of the physics, chemistry, and technology of nanometre-scale structures, devices, and processes Map

The Living Cosmos - A new, interdisciplinary paradigm, embracing the sciences and history, reveals a fundamentally biological universe that is also stabilized by life. Map

Cycles in Natural Phenomena - Solar, geophysical, biological and socioeconmic cycles are all interrelated and behave as though they are physically connected.

Resonance Instruments - developer and manufacturer of magnetic resonance imaging – mri – instruments for nuclear magnetic resonance – nmr. Details on nmr and mri applications and products

Fine Structure Constant, Alpha - Solution to a 20th century mystery. Feynman's conjecture of a relation between alpha, the fine structure constant, and pi. The formula for alpha and some of its consequences. The site also contains a collection of science related links.

Scientific & Medical Products Ltd - Scientific & Medical Products are engaged exclusively in the distribution, marketing and service of scientific and process equipment for research, development and quality control applications. They have gained a reputation for supplying first-rate pr.. Map

GCSE Physics - GCSE Physics UK Government approved. Over 400 pages of easy to use physics for ages 14 to 16 years.

Physics 24/7 - Physics tutors at Physics 24/7 help you achieve your goals in physics. With our online physics tutorials you are provided with the necessary tools and support for your physics homework. As a member of Physics 24/7 you will receive an exclusive online.. Map

Elvatech Ltd. - Elvatech Ltd. R&D enterprise specializes in scientific instrument-making, design of spectrometric equipment and analytical software.

David Coats Sussex Physics Graduate - Blog about life after gaining a Physics Masters degree from the University of Sussex, buying a flat and life in Brighton

Rotational Rigid-body Motion - The goal of this site is to provide a fundamental understanding of the concepts and mathematics behind rotational rigid body dynamics.. Along the way we will consider concepts such as angular momentum, rotational kinetic energy, rotating coordinate s.. Map

Microscope Specialists - Offering one stop, online shopping, for all your microscopy requirements. Including biology, student, digital, portable microscopes and more. Map - AstroEngine is a personal and web design website for Dr Ian O'Neill, detailing his research in the Solar Physics field and web projects. Map

Physics Formulas - Resource website to help anyone studying physics. Topics include Newston's laws of motion, math formulae, and physics for kids. Map

Dr Simon Caldwell - A-level physics tuition in the Bath (Somerset) area. Map

The Quantum Mechanic - Quantum Mechanic - theories of Gravity & Motion Map

New Science Theory - Explains physics theory development and problems centering on William Gilbert, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein Map