Chemistry Job Vacancies - Job vacancy site for Academic and Commercial vacancies worldwide. Free weekly e-mail newsletter Map

Chemisphere Limited - UK based worldwide chemical distributor specialising in fine and inndustrial chemicals. Map

ICI Nobel Enterprises - For nitrocellulose, speciality chemicals, fire protection and environmental services, safety and security and other chemical products. An ICI company. Map

BAS Instruments Ltd - BAS UK is the European innovator in liquid chromatography, microdialysis, electrochemistry, veterinary medicine and contract research Map

Nico2000 Ltd - Nico2000 Ltd are suppliers of computer-based apparatus, software, and information for measuring the concentration of ions in aqueous solution using ion-selective electrodes.

Alchem Laboratories - Alchem Laboratories Corporation is a custom research organization specializing in synthesis and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and fine organic chemicals from gram- to kilogram-size quantities. Map

The Chemical Industry - A great range of products used in everyday life is produced by the chemical industry Map

York Centre for Laser Spectroscopy - A description of high resolution laser spectrocopic and theoretical techniques used at the York Centre for Laser Spectroscopy Map

Oil Analysis Services - Oil analysis services is one of the top uk condition monitoring companies that specialises in electrical and lubrication oil analysis.

Spectroscopy Central - Product data and free resources for spectroscopists, this site covers techniques and technologies used in FT-IR spectroscopy.

Periodic Chart of Elements - The periodic chart of chemical elements and their health and environmental properties.

Web Elements - Periodic table of all known elements

Peak Scientific - Peak Scientific are manufacturer of laboratory gas generators - nitrogen, hydrogen & zero air for LC/MS, GC and many other analytical applications.

Teklab - Teklab ltd

Tensiometers - Kibron Inc. developes and manufactures instrumentation for surface chemistry. Main products are tensiometers and Langmuir troughs. Map

Fizon Instrument - Fizon instrument deals in the Analytical Equipments and Biotechnological Equipments. Map

Analytics for Chemistry, Biology, and Production - Methodical and Technical Knowledge and Consulting for Analytics for Chemistry, Biology, and Production in Instrumentation and Automation, for Quality Production and Quality Control, including IQ, OQ, PQ, PV, SST, and Validation. Use DYNAMIX & Bar-Sip.. Map

LabHut - Chromatography consumables and instruments including deuterium & hollow cathode lamps, autosampler vials, HPLC pumps, syringe filters and much more! Order securely online! Map

Tablet Dissolution - Tablet dissolution accessories, consumables and equipment for all major brands of dissolution tester including Vankel, Sotax, Erweka, Caleva, Distek, Hanson and Pharmatest. Map

Phantom Fireworks - Phantom Fireworks offers America's best fireworks products at outstanding prices!

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