Nohau UK - OEM,usb,serial,bluetooth,adapter,rs232,module,embedded,device Nohau UK supplies Bluetooth modules for existing or new hardware designs. The modules use serial connection to your hardware & can be hard-wired or via a USB or RS232 adapter. Map

martel instruments - Martel Instruments design and manufacture cased printers, panel mount printers, L.C.D modules and printer mechanisms Map

Andover Astrononomical Society - Andover astronimical society that meet on the 3rd thursday every month in hampshire uk

Data Physics - Data Physics UK supplies multi-channel FFT Analysers for noise and vibration measurements, and Vibration Controllers for environmental testing and stress screening applications. Map

Used Test Equipment - Over 40,000 daily updated listings of various (400+ subcategories) used test / scientific / laboratory equipment from 100 dealers

Samuel Cooke & Co - Manufacturers and Distributors of Oils, Fuels and Lubricants for the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors Map

ScienceNet - A free science information service staffed by scientists who are expert in explaining complex topics in everyday language Map

TableTrainer - A maths educational program to assist in learning mutiplication tables Map

UK Airshow Review - News and reviews of the best UK airshows, plus photos, features and more Map

Fighter Planes / Military Aircraft - Over 80 different fighter planes / military aircraft / jets with pictures and technical information. Also some 3D VRML models of jets to download, a FAQ which explains Stealth, and a nice collection of aviation links.

E M Electronics - EM Electronics develop and manufacture very high resolution temperature measurement systems. Increase sensitivity for measurements using thermocouples, PRT, Strain gauges, and a host of other applications Map

Chemistry Job Vacancies - Job vacancy site for Academic and Commercial vacancies worldwide. Free weekly e-mail newsletter Map

University Of Birmingham - The Group covers most major aspects of groundwater reseach, and also offers research for PhD in many aspects of Hydrogeology. Map

Chemisphere Limited - UK based worldwide chemical distributor specialising in fine and inndustrial chemicals. Map - Thousands of signs, symbols, graphics and ideograms. From prehistoric cave drawings to chemical symbols

Medic8 - Medical Research, Audit, & Funding resources for UK medical professionals. - Your search for good health starts here.

The Creepy Website - Strange tales that cannot be explained, readers stories wanted, plus horror trip! Map

Crop Circle Connector - You can have the chance to adopt your own circle for just one week at £12.

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