tapecentres.com - Suppliers of plastic cores to the slitting/rewindng industry Map

Peak Sensors Ltd - Industrial temperature measurement and control solutions provider. Manufactures and distributes thermocouples, temperature sensors, resistance thermometers, RTD's, pyrometers Map

DNA 46xx - 46xx the normal human female chromosomal complement. email available.

Biology - Biology Online offers free and easy reference to information in the biological sciences including tutorials and an online dictionary Map

ScanCAD International - ScanCAD has dedicated itself to providing scanning technology to all facets of the electronic industry, especially focused on assembly and fabrication. ScanCAD’s products help eliminate errors therefore making the whole process more efficient.

Starrett Precision Optical - UK Optical Profile Projector Manufacturer. Starrett Precision Optical: design and manufacturing of profile projectors and optical measuring equipment.

Friends of the Earth - Guide to choosing wood timber for your DIY, home improvement, self build or construction project Map

Resonance Instruments - developer and manufacturer of magnetic resonance imaging – mri – instruments for nuclear magnetic resonance – nmr. Details on nmr and mri applications and products

AiBITS - Aibits is dedicated to providing artificial intelligent solutions to companies throughout their organisation, throughout their strategy, throughout their IT system.

The UK Chemical Industry - A Guide - A guide to the Chemcial Industries of the UK. Map

CMP Polishing of Silicon, Germanium, GaAs, GaP - Semiconductor cmp polishing of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide and 300 mm wafers Map

Persevere Engineering Solutions Ltd - Specialising in the research and development of low-cost first-prototypes for individuals and small businesses. Company member of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors. Map

Scales and Balances - Europewide sales company for scales and balances. The online balances and scales program covers nearly all weighing needs. Map

Lenntech - Information on all environmentally friendly water treatment and air purification systems. Solutions for water disinfection, water desalintion, water recycling, water quality issues for drinking water, filtration systems with membrane filters and odor..

Badgers on the Web - Badgers on the Web is a gateway to the world of badgers on the internet, with links to badger websites, a badger message board, a badger e-card service and more. Linked websites include Steve Jackson's Badger pages, Brock's World (for children), the ..

British Oceanographic Data Centre - A component of the UK Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC's) environmental data centre network with designated responsibility for UK marine data. It is also part of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's (IOC's) network of national.. Map

The Electrical Shop - All Electrical and Electronic Products including: Automation Products Boxes and Enclosures Commercial and Industrial Lighting Map

3D Labelling Systems UK - Designers & Manufacturers of the 3D range of labelling systems for handling self adhesive labels. Dispensers, Applicators, Rewinder, Counters. Map

The Chemical Industry - A great range of products used in everyday life is produced by the chemical industry Map

Ghosts of Idaho - Paranormal investigators out to prove ghosts exsit Map

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