Mayer Environmental - Mayer Environmental Ltd is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy providing expert advice to the private and public sector on a broad range of environmental issues. Their aim is to be the first choice for all businesses, local authorities and.. Map

Smoke Control Services Limited - Specialist building services engineering oragnisation, concentrating on fire protection systems to protect buildings and personnel.

Water Information - Hard water treatment, effects of magnetic water conditioners on stains, information facts and reviews of reverse osmosis, purification, filtering, limescale deposits and properties comparison.

Paragon Scientific Limited - Paragon Scientific specialises in the production of primary viscosity reference materials for the calibration and verification of kinematic and dynamic test equipment. Paragon also supply a full range of petrochemical reference materials for use in a.. Map

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife - Learn the secrets of the afterlife from the world's most profound near-death experiences along with scientific, metaphysical and religious support. Map

CADLink UK - CADLink - CAD/CAM - By Engineers, for Engineers, Easy-to-use CAM (Computer-Aided Machining) systems for programming CNC machine tools. Supports Milling, Drilling, Turning, Wire Erosion, Flamecutting, Lasercutting. Produce code for all major CNC contr.. Map

Metal Injection Moulding - Production of complex ferrous, nickel, cobalt alloy components using using injection moulding technology Map

Oceans-esu - services include contaminated land remediation, environmental survey, water, land and air pollution monitoring, reed bed treatments, constructed wetlands wastewater treatment and waste disposal. Map - Engineeringtalk, Europe's most dynamic engineering product resource. Our team of reporters add dozens of new product articles everyday to our email newsletter. You can advertise and read about the latest product. Map

Alchem Laboratories - Alchem Laboratories Corporation is a custom research organization specializing in synthesis and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and fine organic chemicals from gram- to kilogram-size quantities. Map

Compressorman - TT Engineering Services, UK specialist suppliers of shotblasting equipment, also sales, service, repair and hire of all air compressors

Insectclopedia - Insect research portal

MicroKim - Home - Founded in 1972, MircoKim is a subsidiary of MICEL Corp., a U.S based public company.Microkim has more than 25 years of experience in highly sophisticated civil and military programs, in the fields of RF, microwave and communication. Microkim had .. Map

The Living Cosmos - A new, interdisciplinary paradigm, embracing the sciences and history, reveals a fundamentally biological universe that is also stabilized by life. Map

Unity of the Sun, Earth and Moon - Solar and lunar cycles are evident in a myriad of geophysical, biological and socioeconomic cycles, so much so that the Sun, Earth and Moon can be considered a single unit. Map

Planetary Ejections and Cratering - The evidence shows that some craters are caused by explosive ejection. Also, unusual meteorites, animal falls and the Tunguska event reveal the same thing. Map

A Fundamnetally Biological Universe - A myriad of observations reveal the fact that the universe is fundamentally biological, even to the extent that physical laws make the extistence of life inevitable.

Evolution, Mass Extinctions and Mass Speciations - Evolution, as well as mass extinctions and mass speciations, are the result of ionizing radiation altering the genetic code, not the hypothesized survival of the fittest. Map

Cycles in Natural Phenomena - Solar, geophysical, biological and socioeconmic cycles are all interrelated and behave as though they are physically connected.

Institution of Civil Engineers - UK-based international engineering organisation. Includes civil engineering news, references, guidance, publications and event information as well as career opportunities and training courses. Map

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