Aliens on Earth - This site can tell you about a selection of books, or other search engines within the topic.

The Ultimate Loch Ness Monster Site - If you believe, check out the beautiful illustrations.

Circle Makers - You can find out how construct your own circle, and you can find all the information you need to know on this bizarre subject.

Obiwan's UFO Free Paranormal Page - This site can offer you anything you need to know about the paranormal from encounters with ghosts to interesting haunted places to visit.

ICI Nobel Enterprises - For nitrocellulose, speciality chemicals, fire protection and environmental services, safety and security and other chemical products. An ICI company. Map

Military Aircraft and Fighter Planes - Over 85 fighter planes / military aircraft / jets with pictures and technical information. Also 3D VRML models of jets to download, a FAQ which explains Stealth, and a collection of aviation links.

BAS Instruments Ltd - BAS UK is the European innovator in liquid chromatography, microdialysis, electrochemistry, veterinary medicine and contract research Map

Dreamstop - A dream analysis site where you can create an online dream journal, instantly analyze your dreams for free and read what others are dreaming about!

Seres UK - Seres, automatic ''on line'' monitoring equipment for, Environment, Water quality, Emission and environment air monitoring,process,water,products. Map

Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory - Advancing the frontiers of the physics, chemistry, and technology of nanometre-scale structures, devices, and processes Map - Paradoxes, puzzles and illusions. Also: Rob's Paraboxes and other original work. Fun and educational. Map

Aquascience - Aquascience is a bio-engineering firm specialising in the improvement of water quality in reservoirs, lakes and rivers, wetland habitat regeneration and effluent treatment. Map

Biohybrids Limited - temperate and tropical agriculture consultants in sustainable crop production, horticulture, perennial & tree crops (cashew, oil palm, coffee, cocoa), annual crops (potatoes, lupins, maize), plant breeding, soil science, and technical translation. Map

Components Direct - Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial adhesives and specialist fasteners. Components can be ordered on-line at Map

TAV Ltd - TAV Ltd manufacture or refurbish feedscrews,barrels, tie-bars,screw tip assemblies,barrel end caps,nozzles,and other metal components for extrusion, and injection and blow moulding equipment for the plastics and rubber and food processing industries. Map

RFX Ltd - RFX Ltd - UK Manufacturers of high specification Quartz Crystal Oscillators Map

Design IV - DFMA is DFA DFS DFM DFE product design and cost estimating software and training for Design for Manufacture Design for Assembly Design for Environment by Boothroyd Dewhurst from Design IV Map

Information for Action - This web site is a free, environmental, international, automated service to lobby your leaders

BBC Online - Science - The best of BBC Science, from TV and radio, to the web and beyond. Take a tour from the smallest atoms, to the largest planets and the most ferocious dinosaurs

Nico2000 Ltd - Nico2000 Ltd are suppliers of computer-based apparatus, software, and information for measuring the concentration of ions in aqueous solution using ion-selective electrodes.

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