Puregrappling - JuJitsu is a Martial Art designed to control your opponent as much as possible using leverage and technique thus giving you a greater position for striking or submission holds. Classes are relaxed and friendly, everyone is welcomed and trains at a pa.. Map

Danny Guba Doce Pares - Arnis Kali Eskrima in London (Shepherd's Bush, Covent Garden and Leyton) and Medway (Chatham, Kent)! Classes taught by a Filipino and 3x World Champion Ermar Alexander. Map

Learn Karate - Paul sarginson karate in kent, learn karate in Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone,13 clubs karate clubs in kent, Kyokushin karate for beginners, children learn karate, adults karate, blackbelt karate. Contact me for more details Map

Gen'Dai Martial Arts - The homepage of Gen'Dai Martial Arts - a martial arts school dedicated to the teaching and further develpment of martial arts within the local community Map

Watford Laugar Kungfu - Lau Gar Kung Fu and kickboxing is a highly effective combination of both traditional southern Chinese martial arts and modern kickboxing. The style itself is described as an external hard style; this means that much of the training focus is on physi.. Map

Freestyle Combat Karate - Karate lessons in Dorset and Hampshire, Ringwood, Bournemouth, Poole, Canford Heath, Lymington, New Milton and Winchester- Freestyle Combat Karate Map

West Coast Krav Maga - Krav Maga Self Defence Club in Preston. Map

Weng Chun Kung Fu - Weng Chun Kung Fu is a practical and evolving self defence system that is applicable to today's street and sport environments with the bonus of getting you fit, flexible and on form in no time at all. Weng Chun is both Philosophical and physical, the.. Map

Ninpo Taijutsu UK - Ninpo Taijutsu, teaching effective combat Ninjutsu to students of the martial arts, Fighting for Life not Sport Map

Yee's Hung Ga - Hung Ga Kuen (Hung Family Fist) is one of the most popular martial art styles of Southern China. It is known for its devastating close-range hand techniques, delivered through the power of a strong-rooted stance. Utilizing the techniques of the 5 ani.. Map

WingTsun Kung Fu Leeds - Wing Tsun (WT) is a truly fascinating and sophisticated martial art which appeals to men and women of a wide variety of ages. Renowned for being an efficient self-defence system and an in-depth martial art which can be studied and enjoyed for man.. Map

Totalselfdefence - Selfdefence taught through the martial art of ju-jitsu,over 40 years experiance. Map

Ilyokwan Black Belt Academy - Classes for the whole family, taught by Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame 'Master Instructor of the Year' Richard Olpin. Seperate classes available for Juniors 4-6, 7-12, Teens & Adults. 30 days FREE trial programme available to all new students. Map

Martial Arts Links - Best martial arts news, links and information.

Tang Sou Dao Ren Yi Wu Kwan - Tang Sou Dao (The Way Of Tang Hand), which has its origins in both the vast knowledge and wisdom of Chinese teachings and in the advanced and open teaching methodology of more modern fighting systems. It is simple yet sophisticated, economical but of.. Map

The Choi Foundation - The Choi Foundation offers a friendly and non-competitive environment, in Brighton and Hove, for the study of the world’s fastest growing martial arts fitness programme, Choi Kwang Do. Choi Kwang Do is a dynamic and innovative approach to martial .. Map

Bujinkan - Learn truly authentic Ninjutsu / Bujutsu in London This school teaches the martial art of Budo (or Ninpo) Taijutsu more commonly referred to as ninjitsu The instructor is highly experienced and travels every year to Japan to study under Dr Masa..

Kickboxing London - Kickboxing classes in London? Our kickboxing clubs are open to men and women of all ages with especially designated kickboxing classes for children

The Martial Arts Place - Get your Kickboxing training in London, in The Martial Arts Place. Led by Russell Cronk and William Lai, the team of instructors at The Martial Arts Place have all have been professionally involved with martial arts for over 15 years, competing at na.. Map

WJJF Plymouth - Plymouth Ju-Jitsu is a club in the South West run by 3rd Dan Sensei Chris Burch and is part of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation Map

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