Ken Toh Kai - Website for Ken Toh Kai Shotokan Karate club, based in Leeds. Lead by Sensei Carl Herbert, 4th Dan. The website contains lots of information about karate and the club itself. Map

Julian Hitch Martial Art Schools of Excellence - The Julian Hitch Martial Art Schools of Excellence are elite schools dedicated to teaching authentic Chinese Wing Tsun Kung Fu. The aim of the schools is to train students to attain the highest level of self development.Si-Fu Julian Hitch, Wing Tsun ..

TIGA Martial Arts Academy - classes in london ,jkd,kali,silat.martial arts, defence & fitness Map

Brighton Taekwon-Do - Brighton and Hove Taekwon-Do offer 15 classes across Brighton and Hove for men, women and children. Seperate classes for children. After School classe at Balfour Junior School, Downs Junior School, Woodingdean Primary School and Saltdean Primary Scho.. Map

Phoenix Martial Arts - Mixed martial arts in Hexham, Northumberland teaching Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan, Thai/kick boxing, Filipino arts, grappling arts and self defence Map

The North East Karate Kai - Welcome to the North East Karate Kai We teach: Traditional Shotokan Karate, Self Defence for men, woman and children aged 7 and over. Groundwork and restraint techniques. Kata. We train at Richard Avenue Primary School Sunderland, Thursdays 6 ti.. Map

Uechi-Ryu Karate Hedge End - UechiRyu Karate Do in Hedge End, Southampton. A traditional style of karate. Beginners always welcome.

Capoeira Canal - Capoeira Canal is run by Formado Risadinha a graduate of the London School of Capoeira and holds regular classes for adults and children in west London. For more into please go to the Capoeira Canal website. Map

Burns School of Black Belts - a site dedicated to mr burns school of black belt based in newcastle upon tyne , a club offering training for students of all ages Map

AIMAA Scotland - The site is the official AIMAA Scotland Cho's TKD Website. All Schools are based in and around South Lanarkshire and Glasgow, and practice the ITF style of Tae Kwon Do. The site holds all information on clubs, events, locations, and all curre..

Premier Martial Arts - Premier Martial Arts personal protection, personal development and peace of mind. we will help you or your children achieve self discipline, high self esteem, a positive out look and contant improvement, and the attitude that refuses to give up. Prem.. Map

Real Kung Fu - Come and learn the secrets of both Internal and External Kung Fu. This unique Kung Fu system embraces all the essence of Wing Chun, Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, Tai Chi and Dachengquan.

Genshinkai - Genshin Kai international is the official governing body for genshin ryu iaido and jujitsu. Regular lessons available in various arts. seminars and private/home tuition available by request.

Family Martial Arts - Womens self defence marital arts and childrens karatae classes from Family Martial Arts karate club in Liverpool, UK. Map

Komyokan Aikido Association - The Komyokan Aikido Association teaches how to redirect the power and energy of the opponent thereby taking control of the situation. It is shaped by the philosophy of Universal harmony.There are no competitions; grades are awarded through a series o.. Map

Idai Makaya - A wholistic site looking at the most up-to-date fitness and martial arts training tools and methods. This site offers free support and advice to users of its resources. Map

Hapkido - Hapkido is a Korean martial art with kicking, hand strikes, judo, and self defence. It covers all aspects and is a complete martial art. World Koong Joong is the most establish Hapkido association in Britain, its history beginning in 1970. Map

Ching Mo Wing Chun Kung Fu - Winh Chun is a simple but direct martial art system, all teaching is done in a freindly and open mannor, the ching mo centre is the only centre to offer the traditional Ip Man family method and Master Billy Davidson is the only instructor in the Nort.. Map

Bushin Kenpo Kai. - Our main school is based in South Darenth which is approx 4 miles from Dartford, Kent. Our small, friendly classes cater for children form the age of 5 & adults. Beginners and experienced martial artists are all warmly welcomed & the first visit is a.. Map

Association of Capoeira - Capoeira Classes for ALL ages & capabilities, Accessories, Instruments, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and more... Map

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