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Contact Box - Free ISP - unlimited POP3, 30,000 + newsgroups, 25Mb free webspace for eprsonal or business use

4theNet - Free internet access and email account. Unlimited personal webspace.

Freenetname - Free ISP - free domain name registration, unlimited email addresses, free access to newsgroups plus 20 Mb webspace

Direct Connection - Fee paying ISP - Home and business ISP offering many services, including global roaming

Demon Internet - Fee paying ISP - UK's original dial up account now claims to be the country's Premium Provider

Compuserve - Fee paying ISP - proprietary software to help you connect to the net

ClaraNet Ltd - European independent ISP provided Internet services to companies. Claranet offers value added services in application hosting, Internet connection, VPN and mutualized hosting.

BT Internet - Fee paying ISP - internet arm of BT

Aviators Network - Fee paying ISP - designed with aircraft related content for the pilot and the enthusiast

AOL - Fee paying ISP - offer painless connection to the internet via their proprietary software

Enterprise Plc - Fee paying ISP - a host of features including games and news servers

Firstnet Services Ltd - Fee paying ISP - business internet solution provider

Abel Gratis - Free ISP including newsgroup access, email addresses and 50Mb webspace

Connect Free - Free ISP - unlimited POP3, 28,000 newsgroups and free webspace

BT Click - Free ISP - unlimited email addresses, no news server or webspace

CallNet - 5 email addresses, full Usenet access, 20 Mb space for non commercial use from this free ISP

London Web Comm Ltd - Fee paying ISP - Corporate clientele mainly

Firstweb - Fee paying ISP - based in Middlesex

Easynet Ltd - Fee paying ISP - Winner of best European ISP at 1999 ISPA awards

Strongnet - Domain Registration - Strongnet offer Domain Name registration and web hosting, free hosting with all domain purchases Map

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