Code Beach - Code Beach is your complete guide to free and open source code for ASP, C++, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, and Visual Basic.

Java Resources - A large collection of question & answers / links / tutorials / articles / faqs / books nicely categorized. The emphasis is on working code samples.

Dev Beach - Guide to free programming tutorials for ASP, C++, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, PHP, and Visual Basic.

O'Reilly Network's - The source for Java developer news and information. Offers comprehensive and enterprise Java and java development information and resources including original feature articles, tutorials, java api map, news and commentary.

OlmiSoft - A Russian based web and software development company. Offers wide range of web and softwared evelopment services. High quality and affodable rates guaranteed - a collection of java resources

Jarhoo - Jarhoo provides a lookup service allowing developers to find jar file details for classes causing NoClassDefFoundError or ClassNotFoundException problems. The database is growing incrementally as more and more developers use the site - the most popul..

JarFinder - is a free searchable database of jar files. It provides a quick and easy way to resolve ClassNotFoundExceptions and NoClassDefFoundErrors. Enter the name of a class and jarFinder will produce a list of jar files that contain it.

WebPelican - Internet programming assignments with solutions featuring basic Java sockets, Java Applets and Servlets, as well as Web design tutorials on XHTML and CSS.

Java Tips - is a free, independent and objective information resource for Java users and developers around the world developed exclusively by Java Tips Team. Map - Provides technical tips and free applications downloads with sources (mobile, Java, windows, linux applications)

Beginner Java Tutorial - A online beginner java tutorial website covering basics of programming along with java source code.