Funny Jokes - A collection of some 1000 jokes in more then 100 categories like men jokes, country jokes, yo momma jokes, office jokes and more.

Brown Collar Jokes - Brown Collar Jokes for Red Necks Original Material Funny Jokes and Humor Unique Wit - Schau dir bei lustige Videos an. Share your videos with friends, family and the wolrd Map

The Short Humour Site - The Short Humour (Humor) Site aims to promote the reading and writing of Short Humour (Humor) both in Britain and throughout the world and also to showcase work by writers of the genre.

Daily Picture - Daily Picture brings you the worlds funniest and cute photos on the web including the best online deals, discounts and competitions around Map

Videos-watch - Find popular videos on the web all in one place! A place to waste time whether at the office or chilling at home. Check it out! Map

The Global News Terrorists - The Global News Terrorists are a group of like minded writers who enjoy looking at the world news and turning it upon its collective head. Formerly part of the team that Channel 4's 4 Laughs website voted as one of it's Top10 places to visit. It's ho.. Map

Sarcastic Bastard - No matter how cynical you are, you can't keep up.

Laugh With Life - Do you know someone who's bored, mad, or sad? This website will make the grouchiest grouch laugh.

funmix - A site with a lot of funny movies, pictures, jokes and quotes. Map

Overheard In Liverpool - Overheard humourous comments from around Liverpool

Cheezyclips - Daily updated selection featuring all your favorites funny videos, funny animals clips, Viral clips, Funny Video Clips and Extreme videos. Map

HooliganBox - Funny pictures, flash games, 3gp videos, wallpapers and game trailers -

Daily Practical Jokes and Funny Pranks - Funny Stories and hilarious jokes of the day. Giving you the latest practical jokes and fun pranks around the web. Map

'Avin A Giraffe - "Funnies on a blog roll.." We do funny, weird, interesting or bizarre. Anything that we see out there that we think needs recording gets posted... Map

Clean Jokes - Clean jokes, funny letters, limericks and all kinds of clean humor for a barrel of laughs whenever you need it!

Funny Jokes - This blog contains one of the most funny jokes that you won’t find all over the web and are definitely worth reading once and this blog will act as one of the means to provide you with your daily dose of laughter and humor.

Comedy DVDs - Comedy DVDs contains information on the very best comedy dvds and films

Funny Videos Collection - Funny videos collection contains a collection of funny videos and more updated daily! Map

An Entertainment Blog - This Blog site is all about fun and entertainment. It includes the fun stuff posted by the users like funny pictures, creative photography, amazing art, artistic photography, cartoon, reviews and many more fun categories.

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