Walnutsmoothie - This test has been put together (in collaboration with Walnut Smoothie – the lighter smoother, non-insect related snack) in order to give you an insight in what kind of career would suit you best. Map

Smarttones - Secretly listen in to automated prank calls made to you friends. Several pranks to choose from.

Diane C - Tour schedule, credits, bio, hypnosis FAQ and products to help you quit smoking, motivate and more. Hire Boris to make your event an unforgettable experience. Map

Homemade Once Upon A Times - Hilarious new version of tall tales. Grimm Fairy tales with twisted characters and non stop laughs! Map

Quitebad Productions - Stupid and satirical flash cartoons for the masses Map

4sean - this site has loads of fun on it! Map

The Munchies - The Munchies is a rockin’ comic strip starring Peaty Pea-Pod, Barry Banana, Oogie Onion and The Pines. Published in print and updated regularly.

Twistedmindz - Twistedmindz is a comedy website with surreal things and flash stuff and music stuff and video stuff and stuff.

Business Cartoons - Business Cartoons by UK cartoonist John Morris. The cartoons encapsulate the humour inherent which business people face every day. Map

Department of Social Scrutiny - The New User's Guide to Britain - including the Nigerian Bank Scam Prize Draw, the bank that offers "Freedom From Your Money" the World's largest animated gif and downloadable forms, quizzes and pictures. PLUS: Find out all about the (probably) ficti.. Map

Spazfarm - Regularly updated site featuring links to cool, funny and interesting stuff on the web. Also features reviews of films and video games.

Download-Video.TV - Collection of funny movies

A Funny Pic - Funny pictures and photos from around the world, ranked by popularity.

Mal Rich - After Dinner Speaker - After dinner speaker for corporate functions, charity events and gala events.

Prank Calls Dot Net - Offers a prank call service and includes a collection of celebrity recordings, soundboards, and jokes.

Bollox - Bollox.net is a collection of funny pictures from around the Web. As well as funny photos, you'll find cartoons, parodies and generally bizarre humor.

Fake Documents - Make a fake document online. Graduate from StarFleet or Hogwarts. Marry Britney or Brad. Have fun with our fake documents. Map

The Quipping Queen - "THE QUIPPING QUEEN" is an award-winning barmy blog, (from across the Big Pond you silly sot), designed to tickle timid types and ruffle a few ripsnorting royals.

verydodgy.com - Funny pictures, movie clips and downloads plus a load of free stuff for you and a great music section. Map

HeardThis Humour - Heardthis Jokes and Humour Section

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