Film Intelligence - The Internet Journal for new writing on the Moving Image.

Worcester Film Society - All the latest films and links for the Worcester Film Society. The site contains the Full listing for the current seasons Films, along with a detailed description of each of the Films. There is also a section about us, which explains how the society .. Map

Christian Slater - Christian Slater filmography, bio, pictures and links.

Classic Movies - Classic Movies (1939 - 1969) Map

Debra Messing - Debra Messing filmography, bio, pictures and links.

AceShowBiz - Movies production details, entertainment news, actors and actresses database.

Visual Productions International Ltd - UK based corporate and promotional video production company, providing a full in-house production service. DVD authoring, video streaming and digital signage services are also available. Map

Dr Blood's Video Vault - The ultimate guide to the best horror films ever made!

Ginger Ink - film and video production company South Afrca,Kenya's leading film production company. Map

Alfred Hitchcock Movies - The Alfred Hitchcock Movies site gives information and critical comments on alfred hitchcock movies. Map

Movie Soundtracks - - is a movie database. You will be able to find soundtrack titles for most popular movies.

Fresh Visual - Fresh Visual is a UK based film blog that features reviews, news, editorials, trailers and forums.

Entertainment Weekly - - The latest news from the entertainment world. Map

Film Producer Secrets - A practical guide to setting up your own productions. TV commercials, short films, corporates, TV series and features. If you have the basics right then the big productions are easy

Pirate Savvy? - Pirate Savvy? is a forum dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

UKIndian - A complete forum to share movies, songs, videos, news, pictures and jokes Map

The Departed - The Departed is the latest film by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson star in this remake of the hit Hong Kong crime thriller, 'Infernal Affairs'.

Janet Charlton's Hollywood - Noted celebrity columnist, Janet Charlton's own gossip site - original content! Map

Smartcine - Smart Cine: Movie Reviews, Movie Picks , Movie preview, Movie reviews from nation top critics comming soon movies DVD Picks, New DVD

YouTube - This website is thee most funniest organisation of movie holders ever. Search for literally anything and you will get a movie about it. Watch The SImpsons, Futerama etc. Your sides will be split when you finish!!

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