The Northern Ireland Yearbook - A comprehensive reference guide to the political, economic and social life of Northern Ireland Map

Talk UK - A community Site for people to debate intelligently on UK news, politics, and current affairs. Using either our forums or chat rooms.

Government & Public Sector Journal - The site is run by the Government & Public Sector Journal and describes the readership and circulation. It contains quote from Senior political figures and samples of past issues. Map

Gun Toting Liberal - Political commentary, left leaning centrist blog. A place for liberal, centrist, and conservative political opinions Map

Debate Policy - Discussion forum about Politics, Elections, Economy, Iraq, War on Terror and much more. Including international politics.

Enoch Powell: Life and Views - A site dedicated to the life and views of Enoch Powell.

Plenty2say - A UK political and satirical news site with a twist... Map

Tameside - Tameside Mafia is a political news blog covering local councillors and members of parliament in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside.

Les Bonner - Blog from a Liberal Democrat Local Councillor representing the Yarborough Ward of Grimsby Map

Dave Brothers - UKIP Bishop Auckland - Dave Brothers, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bishop Auckland. Only the UK Independence Party believes in true local independence, free from Whitehall and free from European interference. Map

Nexplai Mark - Website and blog of Mark Beech, a South Wales based Monster Raving Loony politician.