British Book Publishing - Investigation into British book publishing, an industry which is finding it difficult to cope with the demands of modern business practices.

Today in Literature - Features biographical stories about the great writers, books and events in literary history.

Louis Sheaffer - Louis Sheaffer was a famous writer. He won the Pulitzer Prize in Biography in 1974 for "O'Neill, Son and Artist" published in 1973. Map

84 Charing Cross Road - A history of Marks & Co the shop made famous in the book by Helene Hanff Map

Politically Correct - politically correct, political correctness, political, correct, pc, free speech Map

Sexual Fables - An Alternative History of Western Arts & Literature

No Time To Read - This Website. is an audio-books site, created to solve this common problem of never having enough time to read books.

zootkilo - Fantastic online diary,the misadventures of stretch and longman as well as poems, articles, and drug trafficking information. Map