Gazi - Site of children's fiction writer, Teresa Giammarino who writes children's books some featuring her Siamese cat. Book profits go to charity plus an online book shop. Map

Frederick Covins - New publishing opportunities from Frederick Covins, bestselling author of children's books, historical novels, local histories, and ebooks, including 'The Battle for Badger's Wood', 'The Breaking Sword' and 'Satan's Fuehrer'.

Mark Wagstaff - A work of contemporary fiction set in contemporary London.

Digital Fiction - Follow the journey into the dark side of urban life and human psyche. A blend of text and moving image, a slant on the prose poetics of life, the twisted dialogue of suburbia.

Charlotte Mary Yonge - Focus for information on the life and works of Victorian novelist and writer Charlotte Yonge (1823–1901). Publication details, plot summaries, reviews, links to texts in all forms, general articles and bibliographic material. Map

Acoustic Words - The complete writings - novels, short stories, essays and poems - of Stephen M. Larson, from a Christian worldview.

Piddler by the Hoof - COOLEST BOOK ON HOTTEST TOPICS: Piddler on the Hoof by S.I. Fishgal ISBN 1-59129-435-5, PublishAmerica Inc. The derisive living truth, escapades, eccentricity, idioms, life and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearg..

Linda Strachan - A children's writer with many books published in Australia, UK and USA with titles including Fizzkid Liz, The Giant and The Frippit and What Colour Is Love?

Goldeneye Books - Fine and rare books for sale, Ian Fleming James Bond specialists Map

A Gothic Epic - G. E. Graven's gothic epic, GROTESQUE, now available online. From the fall of angels to the rise of a medieval Armageddon. Lazarus, a grotesque, must stop his mother, Lucifael, from escaping Hell. An historical epic adventure unfolds in the Middle Ages.

Jennie Kermode - Official site of dark fantasy writer Jennie Kermode, author of "The Orpheus Industry". Packed with information, pictures, essays and free fiction. Map

Read-laugh-cry - "Piddler on the Hoof" by SI Fishgal The derisive living truth and death emotionally awake a preschooler in the Red Army's Rearguard during the WW2

Deborah Lawrenson - Details of Deborah Lawrenson's latest novel, The Art of Falling. Includes overview, reading guide and book group reviews. Also biography and bibliography.

Joel Goulet - Official website of Author Joel Goulet containing information about his novels

David Moody - Official web presence of the Autumn horror novels by David Moody. Includes free download of entire first novel. Map

Ray Haan - The official website for Ray Haan, author of Storm Reaction. Read extracts from his books here!

Jon Land - Official website of bestselling children's author and BBC Talent comedy award winner Jon Blake.

Lucy Felthouse - Author site: including erotic fiction, non-erotic fiction, reviews and much more.

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