Giraffe Photography - Elevated photographers specialising in taking photo's of property for Estate Agents, Commercial Agents and Businesses. Map

Above It All - Specialists in Aerial (aircraft) and Elevated (mast) photography. Based in the North East of England and serving individuals and businesses across the whole of the UK.

Pole Position Photos - Specialists in ground based aerial photography. Using a 50ft telescopic mast or ultra portable 25ft mast, images are captured from a truly unique perspective! Various applications include property marketing, surveying, events & exhibitions. Map - We specialise in low-level aerial photography, a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way of achieving high-quality aerial images. Our equipment negates the need for light aircraft - our feet are kept firmly on the ground - but we can still cr.. Map

Photo Elevate - Photo Elevate specialise in Low altitude aerial photography often referred to as Elevated Photography or Mast Photography. Stunning aerial images of properties landscapes surveys and events taken using a 50ft telescopic mast and computer controlled .. Map